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Stop anxiety, manage your time, and stay focused on hitting the books with Onemoreday.

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"Ah, if only I had one more day to study ..."

That is the sentence I heard and said the most before taking an exam at uni!

The truth is, I was managing my time so damn badly.
I got used to not finish the study plan I set for myself or, sometimes even worse, I gave up on studying for several days , being too absorbed by a thousand distractions.
As a matter of fact, I found out I had always been cramming everything into the last day before the exam.

Pierquinto Manco


It's all a Matter of

Onemoreday helps you manage the time you spend preparing for your exams by tracking your progress and keeping you focused.


While you study, Onemoreday records your performance and learns how to best support you in achieving your goals.

There is no magic. It is always up to you to work hard in order to achieve the best results. But with Onemoreday, it will be easier to keep everything under control and pass with flying colours!

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Plan your study and carry on with your programs without distractions!

Onemoreday can change your university life by helping you keeping up the study pace every day and meet your schedule until the exam day.

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Tailor-made Study Plans

Every time you complete a study session, Onemoreday learns your study pace and suits the best plan for you.

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Effective Time Management

Time is the most valuable resource. Onemoreday knows it, and that is why it helps you manage your study time effectively.

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Study Analytics

The biggest challenge is the one against yourself. So check out your performance and keep improving.

Study Material Management

Onemoreday splits up all of your books, notes and handouts within the various sessions of the study plan.

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Alerts & Custom Notifications

Onemoreday reminds you to study when you need it, and spurs you to meet every deadline.

Exams Reminders

You will never forget to register for an exam, thanks to the reminder feature of Onemoreday.

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Studying will never be the same without it

Download Onemoreday now and start managing your study time effectively.