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The Virtual Coach That Will Help You Crush Your College Exams!

Stop anxiety, manage your time, and stay focused on hitting the books with Onemoreday.

"Ah, if only I had one more day to study..."

That is the sentence I’ve heard and said the most before taking an exam when I was in college!

The truth is, I was badly managing my time.
I got used to not finishing the study plan I set for myself, or even worse, I sometimes gave up on studying for several days, being too absorbed by a thousand distractions.
As a matter of fact, I found out I had always been cramming everything into the last day before the exam.

Pierquinto Manco


It's All a Matter of Method.

We asked successful students to share their strategies for passing their exams.

Manage Your Time

Studying at the right time and dedicating the right number of hours to learning makes the difference between passing exams and having to "do better next time."

Study Technique

Divide the study load by the number of pages required to be studied, structure the key concepts after a certain number of pages read, review, and repeat . . . and repeat again!

Stimulate Your Brain

Give yourself challenging goals and make sure you are always energized and focused when you study.
This will help improve your performance and eliminate anxiety.

The 3 Ingredients for the Perfect Studying Method: Time Management, Motivation, and Concentration

That’s why we designed Onemoreday to become your definitive study coach.


It's Like Your Favorite Fitness App. Except it's for Studying!

Onemoreday helps you manage the time you spend preparing for your exams by tracking your progress and keeping you focused.

While you study, Onemoreday records your performance and learns how to best support you in achieving your goals.

Onemoreday notifications are customized for you and your homework assignments and help you be consistent in your studying until the day of your exam.

Divide and Conquer

Onemoreday splits each session into four study blocks consisting of reading and leaves one final block for reviewing your lessons or creating a plan.

Time and Break Management

Onemoreday keeps the time of each round and the breaks foreseen by the study program. Taking extra breaks will cause you to lose points!

Study Goals

Onemoreday knows what you can do and challenges you to beat yourself by setting increasingly challenging goals for your rounds and sessions. If you try to give up, it will send you notifications to motivate you to resume!

Complete the Study Session

You can voluntarily end the session and insert the pages studied up to that moment. However, be careful, because in doing so, you will lose points!
During each session, Onemoreday collects your usage data, processes statistics, and discovers your learning pace to customize and optimize your experience.

It's Not Magic!

It is always up to you to work hard to achieve the best results. But with Onemoreday, it will be easier to keep everything under control.

Plan Your Studying and Carry on with Your Lessons Without Distractions!

Onemoreday can change your college life by helping you meet your schedule and keep up with the pace of your lessons every day until the day of your exam.

Tailor-Made Study Programs

Study Material Management

Effective Time Management

Alerts & Custom Notifications

Complete Study Analytics

Exams Reminders

Trust our students

I wanted to tell you that I have just taken History of Modern Art, and thanks to your program, I scored 30/30!
Student, Italy
I started using it when I was missing 5 graduation exams. Thanks to Onemoreday, I managed to optimize my studying schedule and take all my exams in just 2 sessions and earn excellent results.
Student, Italy

3-months Plan

12 €

Yearly Plan

24 €

Studying Will Never Be the Same Without Onemoreday!

Download Onemoreday now and start managing your study time effectively.

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