How Onemoreday works?

Find out how onemoreday works and how you can use it to effectively prepare for your university exams.

The 3 ingredients of the perfect study method: time management, motivation and concentration

That’s why we designed Onemoreday to become your definitive study coach.

Study Session

Every day you have one or more study sessions to deal with. Onemoreday shows you your study goal for the current session!


Each session consists of study rounds with breaks to optimize your performance. Each round has its own micro-goal!

Study Breaks

In addition to the breaks provided in each session you can interrupt the round for a certain period and resume as soon as possible. Be careful not to overdo it 😉


If you keep the pace and you are steady you will earn points, if you take too many breaks or stop the sessions often you will lose them.
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Everything under control

Onemoreday notifications are customized for you and your study programs and help you be consistent in the study until the day of the exam.

Why Onemoreday?

It reminds you to study and tells you when to pause

You can choose standard mode, intensive mode or customize your plan. Then Onemoreday will alert you when it's time to take a break and when you need to get back to studying!

It learns from your study pace

During each session, Onemoreday collects your usage data, processes statistics and learns your study pace to customize and optimize your experience.

It stimulates you to reach your goals

Onemoreday knows what you can do and challenges you to beat yourself by setting increasingly challenging goals to your rounds and sessions. If you try to give up, it will send you notifications to motivate you to resume!

It does not ask you when you graduate ... it already knows!

Eliminate anxieties by keeping everything under control. At any time you can consult the statistics and know how the study is going.


"I have just taken the exam of Modern Art History ... thanks to your program I got 30!"